Is Buying Flat Pack Furniture Actually Good Value?

Whatever your tastes for furnishing your home, it’s likely you’ll find the items you need either online or on the high street. Given the variety of options on the market, you’ll also have a choice of prices, models and delivery options – which includes purchasing items flat-packed and ready for self-assembly in the home.

Cheaper, easier to transport and store, the immediate advantages of flat pack furniture are obvious. The assembly time and money saved on the part of the retailer, is passed onto the consumer through cheaper prices – but is it actually better value to buy self-assembly furniture, rather than doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way?

Transport and delivery

For those items which are available as flat-packed units, the days of struggling through a narrow doorway, around corners or up stairs are over. Flat pack furniture units mean the most effort you expend is carrying the box from the shop to the boot of your car – and into your house at the end of the trip.

The advantages of being able to pick up and transport flat pack furniture yourself means you won’t have to arrange for a delivery time or wait on items arriving. If a delivery is still necessary however, taking receipt of your purchases is made a lot more straightforward with the simple handing over of flat pack boxes. Flat pack delivery perks aren’t necessarily a game-changer though: delivery options from most retailers are flexible and versatile – you’ll be able to arrange to take receipt of your furniture at a time which, more or less, suits you.


Just as the drop in price is an advantage to flat pack items, the process of construction and assembly can, in some cases, be a disadvantage. For anyone not practically-minded following the sometimes-complicated assembly instructions of flat pack furniture presents a problem. It’s also worth considering the time assembly will take, if you’re buying flat pack for the convenience in delivery or cheaper price, you’ll have to offset that against the time it will take you to put the item together in your home.

Some people may be concerned about missing out on the expertise of the manufacturer when it comes to constructing their flat pack however it should be possible, following the assembly instructions, to put items together to the same level of stability and quality you’d get from a pre-assembled purchase. Any difficulties which arise in the following of those assembly instructions or will obviously present problems for self-assembly and may mean a phone call to the manufacturer for help. Pre-assembled furniture on the other hand should, in theory, involve no long calls to customer service.


While flat pack furniture will obviously lack the more elaborate and impressive flourishes of bespoke items made by skilled individual carpenters, the preconception that self-assembly furniture means lower quality, mass manufactured units isn’t true. Modern flat packs are made to the same high standards and regulations as other, equivalent assembled items and, like almost any sort of furniture purchase, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and price. In any case, should problems arise, items will be covered by the warranties of reputable retailers.

Personal preference: furnish your home the way you desire …

Ultimately there isn’t much difference between flat packed and pre-assembled furniture. The time and money you save is more dependent on issues of personal preference than any solid rule of thumb. Some people may not even consider the assembly time a disadvantage – and actually enjoy the process of putting rooms together from scratch! The important thing is to find furniture items which suit you – whether they come flat packed, or pre-assembled shouldn’t be an issue which prevents you furnishing your home in the style you want.

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